It's been for a long time since I visited here,my pixnet blog!

What was going on with me?

I guess I was  busy in nothing but looking for what I love. haha!

What I love? hmm... maybe it should be think of as the way I'm looking for to keep my balance in this new society.


As I started working in a hospital, I found that my English was not well enough to explain the conditions to the foreign patients.

What's more, I couldn't even easily chat with them for a moment.That made me a little frustrated.

Therefore, I decided to learn English again on weekends no matter there is lots of work to do in the daytime from Monday to Friday.

Although the real society is kind of not so beautiful as I imagined, there are real challenges to keep going ahead ideals and compromise the limitation.

Today, I find a new movie "English Vinglish" in theaters now.

It's heard that it's been selected into one of the most popular movies in this years's Toronto International film Festival.


I'm pretty excited to see this excellent movie to save the poor Enlish with the main actress!

I'll keep confident of improving English. How about you? Do you enjoy learning English or other languages? 






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